The Podcasting Revolution Is Underway

There is a revolution currently ongoing and it does not involve armed conflict or troops. The latest fad that is taking the world is podcasting. It used to be that people depended on YouTube for their audio and video. Then came Netflix which revolutionized these two mediums. Podcasting has taken listening to new media to a different level.


What is Podcasting?

Podcasting is a combination of iPod and broadcasting. Despite the etymology of the word, it is worth noting that you do not need an iPod to listen to a podcast. Any portable media player or your computer will suffice. Long ago, it was believed that podcasting would become just part of media history. In podcasting, you pull audio files to any podcasting website and listen to them on your computer or digital audio players. To everyone, it is like being a disc jockey or being a broadcaster. Podcasting started out as an experiment by journalist Sarah Koenig in 2014.


The Growth of Podcasting

In 2008, many people thought that the podcasting phenomenon will eventually die down. However, it experienced resurgence between 2006 and 2008. Anticipating that podcasting would become a revolution, Apple introduced its native podcasting apps on iOS. This app can be automatically downloaded and cannot be deleted. Current figures revealed that 98 million Americans have tried listening to podcasts.

Podcasting has aroused the interest of new advertisers. They now see this new medium as an affordable medium for reaching potential customers. Researches reveal that people are unlikely to stop listening to podcasts once started. And with podcasts now available on apps and mobile devices, people now have a more convenient way of listening to Disney related podcasts. Podcasting offers unique content that radio programs simply cannot achieve.


The Appeal of Podcasting

One cannot deny that podcasting attracts and engage audience since they are downloadable. You can just have to search for them on the Internet. This new method of listening to audio or video files can make one feel that they are part of a club. There are even live versions of podcasts which can be totally fun and exciting. Podcasts allow you to do other things while simultaneously listening to your favorite podcast.


Profiting From Podcasting

Some businesses are considering monetizing podcasting. However, most podcasters will continue to use a freemium model as opposed to the premium ones. There are two versions of podcasts- a free version and a premium version. The former contains adverts and the latter is free from advertisements but which has a paywall. Most advertisers offer a promo discount code so they will easily know the number of people purchasing. Some even give away things like the best stroller for Disney to entice them to purchase the premium version.

For the free version, the ads are actually read by the hosts several times per episode. This will make that episode like an old-fashioned radio segment.

One thing is for sure, though, it seems that the convenience offered by podcasting is being realized by people who are now starting to join the bandwagon and starting a revolution that is showing no signs of stopping.